About the Ashrams

To spread the multifaceted social activities of the Sangha in the villages, especially those in backward rural areas and for the benefit of the weaker sections of the society, the Khatra ashram was founded in South Bankura in the year 1986. Spread over 27 acres (0.04 sq miles), the ashram stands in a peaceful setting surrounded by hills and forests. The sight of beautiful trees, melody of chirping birds and fragrance of flowers make this ashram a preferred one for the bhagavat lovers.

The ashram was founded by Swami Nirmohananda-ji Maharaj. Currently, he is the secretary of the ashram. In the year 2000, Swami Jitendriyananda-ji Maharaj was sent from the head quarters to the Khatra ashram as project-in-charge.The ashram is 8 kms (5 miles) from the beautiful tourist place MukutManipur. Nearby, at the confluence of the Kansabati and kumari rivers, a huge water reservoir and dam is present. Peoples comes all around from West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar to celebrate PICNIC with their Family, Friends as well as colleges.

Around 3 kms from the ashram, on the Mashak hill there are several pre-historic caves and temple of goddess Kali. The road from the Khatra Main Bus Stand to Ashram Named Pranavananda Sarani by SDO in the year 2001.

Khatra is a village based town. It is 210 kms from Kolkata (via Durgapur) and 45 kms from Bankura. Ranibandh Jhilimili (Jangal Mahal) is 12 kms from the ashram. The ashram is well connected to Bankura, Purulia, Bardhaman, Medinipur, Jhargram, Bishnupur, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Durgapur, Kharagpur through bus routes. Nearest railway station is Bankura (45 Kms), a little farther is Durgapur (90kms).

  • Primary School
  • School text book based Library
  • Modern Gym
  • Yoga Training Center
  • Orphanage
  • Students Home (There are 15 students stayed in the Students-Home, few students are stayed free of cost, in the evening teachers guided them for their regular studding.)
  • Homeopathy Health Center
  • Computer Training Center
  • Ashram Daily Routine Vedic Santi Yagya Three Times (Tree-Sandhya Puja, Arati) Jop Dhyan Sasthraiya Grantha Path, Prabachan
  • Ambulance Service The Poor villagers comes from extreme interior village to nearby Hospitals, they dont have enough vehicle to carry out serious patients as Maternity, Accident, Senior Citizen. They dont have alternative choice other than Van-Rikshwa, Bull-Car, Cycle. Now Sanghas 24 X 7 Hrs. Ambulance facility at minimum cost for all people make them happy as well smile.
Proposed Initiatives
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Higher Secondary School (CBSE Board)