Swami Jitendriyanandaji Maharaj

In-charge of Bharat Sevashram Sangha (Khatra) Previous house hold name ‘Dilip’. Left family life in 1994 and joined Bankura Branch of Bharat Sevashram Sangha. After rendering his long service for 12 years with great sincerity he was given ‘Diksha’ as sannyasi and at that time he was named as ‘Swami Jitendriyananda’.

After having his sincere service for three years, the Sangha Authority brought him to Head Office of Sangha in Kolkata in 2000 and he was entrusted to perform his duties in Accounts Department.

Having been satisfied for his enthusiasm and expertise, the Sangha Authority gave him part time charge of ‘Project-in-Charge’ of Khatra Branch in 2000. With his ceaseless and sincere efforts, mass welfare works like ‘Text Book Bank’, ‘Multi Jim’, ‘Yoga Centre’, Primary School, Computer Centre, Charitable Dispensary (Homeo) etc. have been set up in Khatra Ashram and this website has also been started to uphold Bharat Sevasharm’s service and efforts to the people of World.

Presently after death of Swami Nirmohanandaji Maharaj Head Office select him as the In-Charge of Khatra Branch. Presently he has been discharging his duties sincerly as the Principal Secretary of Khatra Branch.