Text Book Bank & Library

We have visited villages and seen how poverty is driving children to work as labourers in farms, agriculture, local brick factories or stone quarries. Some have started working after passing primary school, some have read till 8th or 9th standard and some after passing secondary. Inability of the family to pay for the education and to support livelihood of the family these children were forced to leave their education and start working.

The Sangha, to address some of the hardships faced by such families has started a text book bank. From 2000, the ashram has been helping such needy families with books, paper, pencil, note books etc to help the children continue their education. In addition, the Sangha also arranges for distributing clothes and other daily necessities like toothpaste, soap. The Sangha also runs a medical camp for treating sick children. Currently, this text book bank has 4200 members. This text book bank relies completely on donations received from Philanthropic individuals. If Sangha had greater funding, it could expand the activities and help more needy children.

There is a lack of awareness about importance of education amongst the rural masses. So, parents are apathetic towards the education of their children. A primary school has been build within the premises of the ashram. Having a school with so many facilities around has risen interest amongst the parents. Currently there are 230 such students in the school. If the infrastructure of the school could be improved, more students would benefit and more parents would understand the value of education. Also, students from far flung areas could be brought to school, Tiffin, educational materials, dress etc could be provided to grow interest and draw them to school. With such activities more children could be educated.

Recently one Excellent Library is started along with Text-Book Bank for Book Worm people there are lots of Pravandhya, Upanyas, Normal Story Books Likes Detectives/Comics, Rhymes, Magazine, Popular Daily Published News Paper as well as rare collection Books.s